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Default-user Travis Morgan
I'm hooked. As a long-time WoW player I've been there during it's peak and am there now on it's decline, but Neverwinter may be the game that causes me to abandon Azeroth altogether. The combat is fun, the story is interesting, the graphics are really nice, and I like that a person with a base account has just as much access as a person who sinks money into it (they just may not be as pretty. :P). I actually plan to buy some ZEN cards and pick up a few things (I'm a dye junkie already and a couple extra character slots would be nice) and even with the queues, I find it worth the wait. I have a dwarf Guardian and a Halfling Trickster, but I must say I like my trickster the best. She just puts out some crazy dps and it actually feels like you're doing it, as opposed to just riding cd's... All in all good job guys!
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