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Robinson was injured. He got a nerve injury to his throwing arm. He injured it early in the season then injured it again much worse. He couldn't even feel the ball in his right hand so he carried it in his left as a running back and running as a quarterback out of Michigan's full house formation. If not for that injury he would have finished his collegiate career at quarterback and broken about two more records. Check your facts son. The fact that he was still a gamebreaker throughout the remainder of his season at running back and receiver is a testament to his strength, willpower, and versatility. Most players don't come back from that injury they are usually done for the year, some for their career, especially quarterbacks who only can play that position and nothing else. Denard is a football player. He can actually do the things at 6'0" 200 lbs. that 99% of NCAA quarterbacks can't. Denard is a football player.
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