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We feel as if they are stealing from us. BOTTOM LINE - they told us in 2013 that the game was "here to stay" and even rolled out Christmas Themed items. THEY took our money and are now RUNNING. The time and creativity that entails in this game is enormous. The money some people have spent is outrageous - that is where they frustration lies. ON TOP of all of the other aspects of the game - people who are disabled can run, play and chat with others of the same likeness. There are people who just simply cannot go into the world as others can, or are secluded away from everyone - they go in their virtual world. NO ONE has even mentioned the fun and creative FB pages that hold contests to win YoCash items- the fans of this game loves these pages. The game itself has taken gaming to a whole other level than just simply a game. I am an admin for one of these pages called "Yo Old School Playerz" along with 3 other Yoviller's and I have spent a lot of real cash and real time to make the game funner than it already was - for what?? So Zynga can just remove it and give us a few coins for slot game? I don't know about you, but it feels wrong. Something deeper is going on. All last year Zynga has removed certain aspects of the game (auction house yc/EVENTS) which has caused some players to not go on as much, it was becoming different. THIS was Zynga's way of preparing us for the shut down? Who knows. BUT all I know is that there are THOUSANDS of Yovillians out there in internet land that want save this game. <3 Keep it up Yovillians <3 Not just in the USA but all over the world. We came to know many different backgrounds and basically anywhere the internet goes there are Yovillians playing Yoville. There are families and clubs - friends and real people - don't forget that Zynga - the shut down isn't about "just a game" it's about Real People. TY - Tora YOSP =)
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