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Default-user Toober17
BillBroBraggins said:
the world likes these games a bit too much.
It's the freaking world sport you ignorant American
Default-user Toober17
CandyManCommeth said:
Wait for E3 and Q4, slump will be over.
This March was about as big as the October/November push and yet sales are still down. New consoles will help, but this is a clear sign something needs to change in the industry
Default-user Toober17
Game looks really neat. I'm pretty impressed with some of these iOS games lately. EA better watch out with their sh(tty AAA ripoffs
Default-user Toober17
Can't wait for this game. It's going to be amazing on next-gen consoles. I wouldnt even waste my time on PS3 or Xbxo 360
Default-user Toober17
I didn't really believe the 2014 date. That seemed way too long.
Default-user Toober17
What a lucky SOB. Fallon doesn't deserve to play the PS4 early!
Default-user Toober17
DAAAANG! Sony said Major Nelson has no nipples!!!!!!
Default-user Toober17
ComicBokChoy14 said:
Damn, that is indeed a sexy controller! Somewhere over at Sega, some dude is holding his little embedded-screen Dreamcast controller and crying...
Sega is too busy crying about the Aliens: Colonial Marines flop
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