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Tonguedance TongueDance
This looks terrible...Do they honestly think those pass as acceptable graphics?
Tonguedance TongueDance
Rob S said:
Should be more concerned of the idiot parents buying a 5 year old child a 3D game system when the warnings clearly state they should be 6 years or...
so because parents bought their child a 3d game means they should be exposed to porn? That makes sense
Tonguedance TongueDance
The original Resident Evil. Because Capcom has killed the franchise.
Tonguedance TongueDance
commented on Best Wii games of 2012 in reply to MartinB105
MartinB105 said:
Xenoblade Chronicles is 2011, not 2012! Also, Pikmin 2 is 2009!
You're wrong. Pikmin 2 released in U.S. on June 10, 2012
Tonguedance TongueDance're saying the Wii U is for girls...
Tonguedance TongueDance
Steam continues to show why it is the best platform
Tonguedance TongueDance
Joe Donato said:
I actually played the campaign and then a few hours of multiplayer before getting bored and going back to Halo 4. I'm exactly the opposite kind of...
Halo 4 multiplayer is weak sauce. Boring symmetrical maps, no customization, no sense of accomplishment when leveling. Campaign was boring and repetitive also, then again, so is CoDs
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