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Default-user Tom Strosser
It was a hoax people confirmed by Marc Whitten of Xbox. The family share plan was what everyone originally thought it to be. It was going to be awesome. They got rid of digital trade ins too sadly :( It was a give and take system now that they arent taking they arent giving anything extra either. I wonder how this will affect games and cloud computing. The cloud computing is a huge seller for the xbox one and their were seriously gonna be some crazy ass games for it. Now developers will have to require an internet connection for certain games. I guess its really no different i hope we slowly go back to the way it was before this reversal stuff. Im going all digital next gen so i can seamlessly switch to my apps games tv without having to find discs in my cluttered game space.
Default-user Tom Strosser
Xbox one is amazing!!!! Cant wait to have one! Im coming to the future with you microsoft and thanks for allowing us to trade in games and rent and lend them and especially that family shared library i can share my games with my friends digitally thats amazing. Will be perfect for single player games. Seamless switching and instant everything crazy how people dont see how great it is.
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