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I'm actually surprised at how many times I'm hearing that 3D was a flop. I have a 3D TV and bought several games that supported it and love it as a feature. They weren't titled "3D Batman Arkham" or "3D Assassins Creed III", they were just great games that had 3D support. I wouldn't but a 3D tech demo because it's a gimmick. In the same way I wouldn't buy a VR-only game because it's a gimmick, but if Destiny supports VR, I'll buy a VR headset 100% for sure (as long as it's under $250). If I could play Skyrim, the Witcher 3, The Order... Games like that in full VR it would address the chicken and egg thing. The reason that never worked with the Move controllers is that nobody really wanted sluggish wavey controls in their action games. But would those same people want to go INTO their action games? You bet.
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