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Default-user Tillery
This is actually really cool and a fun way to stay hooked on the game. They now how to get us :/
Default-user Tillery
They need the extra sales in the UK. I get it, I just wish it was more fair. I think a price cut in one place should be for everywhere else it's sold in the world.
Default-user Tillery
BioShock Infinite & Skyrim is the best bundle!!
Default-user Tillery
Flappy Bird caused me to go into a rage I have never known before.
Default-user Tillery
DoTs said:
Look let's face it, CoD will be like every other CoD (+a dog) and it will sell well. In fact people will argue if it will deserve the sales it got...
It's like...I already own it. I'll talk crap about it for a month then end up owning it. CoDCurse.
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