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Default-user thwip71
Limp Noodle said:
This basically incentive for me to get this console. MS said that Xbox One controllers will only work with the Xbox One right? Yeah I like gaming...
That makes no sense at all. First of all, the 360 controller will STILL be compatible with PC games, as the buttons are all the same ('start' and 'back' were renamed)...and most developers have native support for it now on their multiplat games. Second, this is only confirmation that the DS4 works as USB wireless support, like with the MS PC/360 controller. As someone who's been gaming on both PC and consoles exclusively from my couch for over 8 years, I can assure you that's a big deal. Playing games like Skyrim (w/mods), Just Cause 2, Fallout/F:NV , Bioshock, L4D/L4D2, Dead Island, etc.... in all their PC glory, but with the convenience of the 360 wireless pure bliss. But hey, if you don't mind being stuck in the 90s, tethered to a cord while you game, by all means go with the DS4.
Default-user thwip71
Announce the console, but only show the new controller? Just Sony copying Nintendo again. But who can blame them? After all, it worked out great for Nintendo and the WiiU. Oh wait....
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