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Default-user Thomas11
caribeener said:
It's so laggy on the Vita though. I hope Season two is less laggy than season one.
DUDE! Yes, it's so damn laggy on the Vita! I almost can't even play it.
Default-user Thomas11
This is how they get you to buy all the BL games!
Default-user Thomas11
You kinda have 2 similar articles about the pricecut and bundle...
Default-user Thomas11
Omg that sucks for your brother LOL. I kinda wish I didn't buy my Xbox at near launch either though. I shouldve held out for a bundle like this.
Default-user Thomas11
I was happy with the lower number. Why does it need so much space if there isn't a campaign?
Default-user Thomas11
Electric Sheep said:
This game is honestly making me want a Wii U.
I know! It's the throwback games that are getting me
Default-user Thomas11
I've been waiting for this game to hit Steam's early access, I backed it a while ago and i feel like I've been waiting so long for this game to come out.
Default-user Thomas11
WeepingBell said:
They aren't even being subtle about it.
Lol. By better do you mean, by regurgitating the same game over and over again?
Default-user Thomas11
I saved in the blue. To fix it start up the game and mash home till it works
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