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Default-user theguyabovemeisdumb
This is actually very pleasing to hear
Default-user theguyabovemeisdumb
I wonder if they will incorporate paid advertising like SimCity. Get a specific toaster brand for your house!
Default-user theguyabovemeisdumb
The lighting effects in this game are freakin amazing. Cant wait for next-gen consoles to get here
Default-user theguyabovemeisdumb
XboxBoii said:
Will be going to GameStop today to pre-order! Boom!
Typical CoD fanboy. Pre-orders without any real information abuot the game.
Default-user theguyabovemeisdumb
CDPR is one of hte few companies that actually care about their games. Take note EA, take note.
Default-user theguyabovemeisdumb
Common Sense said:
Did you actually read that screenshot you posted? always conected != always connected gameplay. This will fix a major annoyance with current...
If they are stupid enough to require a Kinect, then they are dumb enough to have DRM checks
Default-user theguyabovemeisdumb
BowWoWWOW said:
Reddit is a machine that cannot be companies can be destroyed there or lifted up on beds of money and praise.
Reddit is the internet's engine
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