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Default-user theboxninja72
now i wonder, as you "need the kenect" to use the xbox...if it breaks is it covered in warenty or are you screwed out of another 100$ or more for a new kenect >.>
Default-user theboxninja72
i have great internet(2nd fastest in my area) and im even an xbox fanboy, but with what they are doing with this system, the internet connectivity, the required connect, no used games. all of it piled on. for the sake of being one more person to show microsoft they fucked up, im not buying one. not till they decide to get their act together which hopefully they will pretty damn fast after launch. they may be ignoring comments blogs and news feedback for now, but when ps4 launch blows them out of the water, maybe theyll see that they made a mistake. ( stick with 360 if you have no internet lol thats litterally BEGGING their customers to go buy ps4)
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