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Brandon Vargas said:
Your heroes would automatically heal after a battle, during war right?
Correct. Your heroes and defense don't need to be manually reloaded or healed.
Default-user TheBKLounge
Tanmapes said:
Alex Rodriquez should not even be in the game!!! Hate when I do a fantasy draft in a franchise and I play against home c'mon
Maybe they'll start him off on the season DL or something
Default-user TheBKLounge
Good, that means i can finally get a ps4
Default-user TheBKLounge
Very unique controller. looks pretty comfortable. gonna have to actually hold it to see what it's like without an actual joystick. looks promising though!
Default-user TheBKLounge
Trfe said:
Halo5? Come on...ever heard of a little game called TitanFall? 60 awards at E3. Out early 2014. Although Dead Rising 3 is shaping to be a system...
Titanfall can be played on PC and Dead Rising 3 can barely get locked in at 30fps. the gameplay looks horrendous
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