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Default-user th3n00bg4m3r
This is the first I've seen of this game, but I'm digging the art style. But just how much will our decisions matter? Do they really matter that much as to make a difference in the story?
Default-user th3n00bg4m3r
Played this a bit on PC. Sad to hear none of my progress will carry over, but seeing as how I'm getting a PS4 at launch might as well try it out.
Default-user th3n00bg4m3r
sonofzeus said:
Sooo the biggest Xbone exclusive is coming to the PS4 as well. How bout that.
It's not confirmed as coming to the PS4....
Default-user th3n00bg4m3r
Dull Guillotine said:
Honestly, how many people are going to buy this?
Me. That thing is freaking awesome.
Default-user th3n00bg4m3r
I'm a potato said:
I wonder if it will have the same terrifying glitches that 3 has
I jus thope they fix the ram issues.
Default-user th3n00bg4m3r
InfinityBlade said:
What if we stopped talking about this and stopped bringing attention to it? Maybe that would help.
nah, we need mroe articles like this. Less of the fox news shit would be nice tho
Default-user th3n00bg4m3r
Ricky Dean said:
If you were born in 84 as I was I recall spending most of my teenage years in the 2000s
Think your missin the point tricky ricky
Default-user th3n00bg4m3r
Wow $69.99 for a mouse these days? Hopefully more will follow suit and come down to this price
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