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Default-user Teala
I watched some of E3 thru Twitch.
Default-user Teala
Tiny Dancer said:
That's really scary actually...people live through this kinda stuff every day and here we are making a game out of it.
Maybe it will be a learning experience?
Default-user Teala
Dark probably won't even be able to cover it.
Default-user Teala
Greenblood said:
"It's on our list" that means it could be the last thing on their list :/
I swear to G-d if they do this I'm going to FREAK out.
Default-user Teala
Heard it wasn't that good...
Default-user Teala
KO said:
I forgot they were working on this, I bet it's going to be really funny. Gearbox knows how to make some good jokes.
Oh itll be funny, glitchy and have a good story I bet.
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