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Default-user Tate
Cosminolo said:
Sorry for "my" misspelling my phone has a correction thing but didnt really needed to help me because I was saying the right words and spelling lol.
I know that does get annoying
Default-user Tate
Cosminolo said:
Don't worry cod is still better and more popular and was realesed after bf and got by far most copters bf not even close has to recover miles away...
CoD is a good game i just think Battlefield is better
Default-user Tate
riggs said:
i had both of the games and i played bf4 alot longer than cod ghosts and in my opinion bf4 obliterates cod... i sold cod it was that shit. BF4 FTW
good choice.
Default-user Tate
For those of you say BF4 graphics suck you never played BF4 or never saw somebody play it.You can destroy thing they have awesome sounds at least DICE and EA go back and patch things Iintiy Ward and Trearch rarely patch anything at least Battlefield has less campers and quickscoopers we dont have to get rewarded to drive and pilot stuff in CoD you call in jet on an I-PAD that's not realistic for people say CoD is more realistic who even calls a jet on an I-PAD theres so many modders in CoD its same thing every year.I know somebody that already found somebody mod CoD Ghosts.and there's screaming kids on the mic going like "bull crap i had a shotgun i shot that 1 cm away and i hit him he killed with and mtarx i should've not died he should've died WAAAAAAA." I do like CoD but it's just that i think Battlefield is better.Okay guys this is MY opion and lots of yours to.Thank you for spending your time looking at this comment .P.S. i am not a Battlefield fanboy im just giving out my opoion.
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