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This makes me so happy. What a career.
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CNN even talked about this this morning. Their local affiliate in Australia actually dressed the part too! Happy Star Wars Day!
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I loved the movie. I'll admit that a lot was left out, but I feel like more about the Districts will be revealed in the second and third movie. Of course you'll have to read the books to get the most out of the trilogy!
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Good to know I can still rent and buy without having to own an Android.
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commented on Mega Man X (iPhone) review in reply to b-rad
b-rad said:
YO GZ, They making this game for the Blackberry?
I agree with Power Up...Steve Jobs for life!
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commented on Movie releases for March 2012 in reply to J-Mils
J-Mils said:
Can't, can't wait for the Hunger Games! I think the books are really going to translate well to the big screen. It's unfortunate that they're being...
Also thrilled to see Lenny Kravitz in the Hunger Games. Can't wait for this one...I get goose bumps just watching the trailer!
Taken125 Taken125
Good to know. Glad it wont impact the outcome.
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