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Me-small Szczpiorek
I love RPG games, especially with a mature and complex storyline. I want to drown in this beautifully animated world...
Me-small Szczpiorek
I think it's some kind of mod. Anyway AWS!
Me-small Szczpiorek
I've just finished the demo. 5 GB of download, 53 mins of playing :) It was worth it. Only one word: more!
Me-small Szczpiorek
It's first review I read. I admit I was afraid of remake, knowing how many other games were remade (eg. Sindicate). I am a huge fan of oryginal game, althought I am aware of its downsides. I started to play it on Amiga 1200. The game stole many hours from me during my high school times. For a half of year it was number ONE. So my expectations are BIG. A few days ago I asked my friend, who was fan of oryginal one and have already bought remake, how is he enjoying the game. He replied "it's getting me nervous", I thought "all is lost!!!". After reading your review I understood and recalled that tension of saving the world, politicians cutting your funds, tough decision you made during combat, costing life of your soldiers and civilians, choosing between saving ufo engine and risking your soldier life. Glad to hear that this great advantage of oryginal is here. This makes you feel this apocalyptic world like you are in it! On video in the first part the team is 5 units, the 2nd one 6 units. How many units team can have ? It's good it's not 4 as I read during game was in production. It's nice the changes made the combat faster, more cinematic and still mind challenging. Now I'm hungry, going to download the demo :) I hope I'll love it like the first one. About review I understand you would like let us discover the game on ours own, but few more details wouldn't be harmful :)
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