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Default-user Syrupticiouz
These games have sucked up more of my life than anyone will ever know
Default-user Syrupticiouz
BihhhSlap said:
Ahh well. Uh. Aren't most games like cop and robbers?
You mean like chasing the bad guy down cause you're the good guy? No. No way man.
Default-user Syrupticiouz
OMG. This would've been AMAZING.
Default-user Syrupticiouz
loveless said:
How will I not spend an ungodly amount of money tomorrow??
Recognize that you will and it will hurt will be ok.
Default-user Syrupticiouz
Outlast looks so scary! I can't wait to play it.
Default-user Syrupticiouz
DivineDee said:
Watch, he says this now but in reality there will be loading times and a long ass delay.
Then the devs will have a short lived and quickly forgotten protest with a white presentation board picture from instagram.
Default-user Syrupticiouz
Thomas11 said:
I've been waiting for this game to hit Steam's early access, I backed it a while ago and i feel like I've been waiting so long for this game to...
Same! Ahh I'm so excited to get in on this game!
Default-user Syrupticiouz
They announced a Luigi one for the UK too. So lame
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