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This article is so biased, it reminds me of the OJ trial all over again... I have played v1.0 and beta up to the current phase and its by far the best MMO I have played. With regards to switching to F2P, if they went F2P using micro transactions that would kill the game. I expect to be able to play all of the content without having my wallet next to the keyboard. I and 99% of the people I speak to do not have a problem paying £7 per month for a game of this quality with as little server lag and the sort of infrastructure behind it with multiple co-location servers etc. Anyone who can't afford £7 per month really needs to seek some form of help either from the government or the Salvation Army or someone because that's a seriously sad state of affairs. I doubt this comment will be published but seriously attitudes like this are everything that is wrong with MMOs today.
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