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Default-user Surah
This guide was amazingly helpful and thank-you, but the section about the Thresh I find to be wrong. I fight them ONLY with my longsword-- up close and dirty-- and have never had any trouble beating them this way. When they root themselves into the ground and start pounding those spiraling root things at you, dodge left or right (if your agile enough, if not you can just run back and forth) while making progress towards the thresh. If you've done this correctly when it begins to unroot itself, you'll be close enough to start wailing on it with your weapon. 1. Hitting it keeps it from gearing up any more attacks. 2. At the end of my sword combo, the thresh falls to the ground where I can then repeat the process until it dies. No need for potions or beefy reckoning. I don't know if this is everyone elses experiences, but it is mine and I find the thresh to be one of the easiest mobs cause of it. Then again my character is might/finesse with like 3 points of scorcery, so I have to find creative ways to kill things like this.
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