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Default-user SugarSoul
I've seen some of the games going for cheaper on Steam, but it's still a good sale.
Default-user SugarSoul
Arent most of these coming to the PS4 and XOne?
Default-user SugarSoul
Get your heads outta your butt MS. You shouldnt have service issues this long after launch.
Default-user SugarSoul
Hmmmm yeah so E3 will be about games? WHO KNEW.
Default-user SugarSoul
I love these literal trailers!
They aren't that funny though...
Default-user SugarSoul
estrada said:
Luigi is taller than Mario, it's weird how he can fit inside of Mario's shadow.
And you focused on that...
Default-user SugarSoul
Yappers said:
It would be cool if they offered different editions per console...then released them on every console cause it'd be fair.
Hahah like a super Guac! Pack!
Default-user SugarSoul
Heck yes! Was lookin for some story stuff!
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