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Honestly it looks like its going to be such a good game
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Psht Bastille Day. More like excuse for game sale day.
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They did some interesting CGI work.
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If I recall this game was awwweeesome. Might even be worth a repurchase on the Vita
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Why did they announce this like this?!
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This is the first step...soon no one will be making games for the previous generation.
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TickleMonster said:
E3 announcements aren't really surprises are they? Everyone watches out for patents and shit.
You know how it goes!
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commented on H1Z1 monetization plans revealed in reply to Kingrat
Kingrat said:
Rust & Day Z are really popular and I don't believe they have does Sony expect to compete?
Yeah, bringing it to the PS4 before the other games are on there offers some stiff competition.
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