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commented on H1Z1 monetization plans revealed in reply to Kingrat
Kingrat said:
Rust & Day Z are really popular and I don't believe they have does Sony expect to compete?
Yeah, bringing it to the PS4 before the other games are on there offers some stiff competition.
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Awesome good stuff comin!
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Lethargic Fish said:
God that's fucking dumb
Yeah well of course it is but idiots will buy it.
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I don't think I'll be buying into MGS any more.
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I think I would go monthly if I had access to any game for as long as I paid monthly.
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grubby said:
Lol well someone does.
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Well I died 42 times but I got to 3, so there's that.
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John Cleese!? Holy crap, I swear to god if he's not talking about swallows and a coconut then the game is wrong and I will never play it.
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Yeah this sounds great but I'm wondering what the catch is. There's always a catch.
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