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How I broke through the errors... I was excited to play the beta today on PS4. Through complete lack of accepting many error messages, I prevailed and am currently installing Destiny (huzzah)! My method, if you'd like to try. Upon trying to get my code from selecting using my PSN account on, I received multiple error messages. Sadly, my laptop didn't have much of an effect but my iPhone was able to consistently refresh the error page until the appropriate page appeared. Inserted info. Got my codes. Didn't realize I was getting 3 codes, so the 36 number/letter code confused me until I was punched with the realization that it is indeed... 3 codes. In case anyone was as obtuse as I was/am. To get past the "psn down due to maintenance" BS, I just rapidly hit "X" on the controller until I passed the message and was clearly in the PSN shopping menu. Then I just scrolled down to the redeem code selection, put in my code. Got an error message. Rinse and repeat a good 5 or 6 times until I got to the "download all content for Destiny" screen. Clicked download. ERROR. Start back from Home screen..... rinse and repeat, rapidly, until success!! Sooooo yeah. That's an option. I hope it helps someone!
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