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Just here to point something out to the people who try to say esports aren't "physical" or that they're "mental"... Esports are almost entirely physical... Or are fingers just mental apparitions? Even Esports touted as being "strategic" are almost entirely rote-memorization when compared to deterministic perfect-information games (like Chess, Go, Connect6, and many more if you bothered to look into it). RTS is pretty much "finger-racing" with a ton of rote-memorization piled on top (oh and rock-paper-scissors of course). Hearthstone may not involve the finger-coordination of other esports, which just means it boils down to the rote-memorization + rock-paper-scissors only. Seriously, what is it about moving your fingers really quickly and accurately that is not "physical"? If you really think these games are strategically interesting then try typing "Go (game)" into google! Heck, type "Connect6" into google! These are forms of PURELY mental competition! Of course serious strategists got tired of all the flaws in chess decades ago (bobby fischer's "chess960" anyone?). While the game of "Go" has entire television channels devoted to only it! So in conclusion hearthstone may be "mental" but not really "strategic". And is there any reason to believe women have worse fingers than men? Of course not.
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