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last said: "Man, the multiplayer on Halo 4 is all about the mechs and vehicles. It's overwhelming and kinda dumb."

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Steph Stephanie 3
zotzmein said:
Maybe I'm a bit dimwitted, but the subscription model to me would simply be the equivalent of the current $99.00 Xbox 360 they offer. Basically...
In other words, a long-term payment plan (don't worry, you're getting a HUDE DEAL)!
Steph Stephanie 3
MayorMcCheezeWhiz said:
Thiiiis looks much more fun than I want to admit to myself. Trying to get into LEGO Star Wars on the DS as my first plunge kinda tainted the series...
I don't even know what kind of game this is. Is it a third-person game? How were you able to figure that out from the preview?
Steph Stephanie 3
Wow. That was a pretty quick conversion of platform. GIVE US THE MONIES.
Steph Stephanie 3
Can't help but feel that PETA is trolling everyone
less trolling and more just trying to "reach" the younger, gaming audience. except it ends up looking desperate.
Steph Stephanie 3
I'd love to play the beta, but I don't meet the requirements. That sucks. Let me try it out, Square Enix! You might get a new customer.
Steph Stephanie 3
I wonder how much profit this guy is going to make. How much did he spend in those 5 years amassing this collection?
Steph Stephanie 3
TongueDance said:'re saying the Wii U is for girls...
Troll alert.
Steph Stephanie 3
molotovMartini65 said:
I beg to differ. The first thing I did was play through the campaign. Kind of got me used to some of the updated mechanics, plus I really liked the...
Agreed. As short and unfulfilling that I find campaign modes in CoD to be, I do play through the campaign first to get re-used to the controls and mechanics of the game before going into multiplayer. And that serves enough purpose for me.
Steph Stephanie 3
That price still seems really steep to me.
Steph Stephanie 3
I LOVE her violin covers of songs. One of my favorites is the "Phantom of the Opera" cover. (Not a video game, I know.)
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