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sonofzeus said:
I don't care about any of that crap. The number one reason why I won't be buying it is the gimped weak ass hardware. The first Xbox was a power...
For those of you that STILL don't get it, I will define for you just how PS4 destroy XB1: XB1 = 1.23TF ~Radeon 7770 Source: (M$ don't even have XB1 spec on their own official website...) PS4 = 1.84TF ~Radeon 7850 Source: The fact is, PS4 has 1,152 GPU cores and XB1 only 768 GPU cores. That's precisely 50% more shading power for PS4 right there. What does that mean EXACTLY, 50% more shading power? The following source speak for itself, and we didn't even touch the slow XB1 DDR3 yet: This is ASTRONOMICALLY HUGE difference!!!! The XB1 will be lucky to reach 60FPS at medium quality settings, even if they render the game at 720P and upscale it at 1080P. PS4 will have no problem rendering natively at 1080P, at hight quality settings, and STILL get 60FPS.
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