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I completely agree. People say that graphics don't matter but in a lot of ways they do. I think you state it best as "clarity" rather than graphics. People also claim you can't tell the difference but you actually can with a decent TV. Some games I have that reach 1080p, when I put them in my bedroom TV which is an identical 720p TV I can see the difference and it bugs me most of the time. Then there's the point that they promised this sort of technology as far back as 2005/2006, yet here we are with developers justifying not hitting 1080p and reaching for 60fps for a quality smooth experience. I certainly get tired of feeling like I'm having a seizure in some games (even big-budget ones) where the frames drop and the screen tears and it can't even hit 1080p. When will one of the console manufacturers demand it to ensure only quality games on their console? When will developers realize that if these issues are occurring then there is something inherently wrong with their game or engine and need to adjust accordingly? What good is some cool scene or a ton of characters on screen if it doesn't even play smooth?
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