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Default-user Star Fox
HanselHoff said:
It's gonna be down 2 days??
Yeah but itll make the bugs and stuff go away
Default-user Star Fox
commented on kicked off its Summer Sale in reply to KO
KO said:
Baldurs Gate! It's no Steam sale tho :(
There's nothing like the Steam Sale.
Default-user Star Fox
Can either be really good or can be really distracting...
Default-user Star Fox
Wow what is this like 1 year later. POS
Default-user Star Fox
You bit onto the rumor and hoped it was gonna be worth it, too bad it wasnt.
Default-user Star Fox
Curiously said:
Yeah you forgot about the Halo show. If that's the announcement then I'm going to be so fucking upset.
Shit if that's what they're gonna talk about they can smd.
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