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Default-user Stalin'sGrandson
Cosybear said:
Bt 4 fans are hating cod couse is not cool for children? No, it's single player is better, multiplayer is pasted better and more detailed realism...
CoD is no where near realistic. It's just a shooter that a bunch of pussy civies came up with because they think that is what warfare is like, constant shooting and explosions.
Default-user Stalin'sGrandson
Cosybear said:
Cod ghosts has also helicopters to snipe off and better guns, it's swifter it's not flat like battlefield and it has cool moves and better guns you...
CoD isn't realistic and the explosions in both games look nothing like their RL counterparts, CoD is shit no one likes except nine-year-olds and thirty-year-olds who live with their parents because they dropped out of college. Battlefield is full of mature people who play a buggy game and don't like it sometimes, yet still play it.
Default-user Stalin'sGrandson
Bf4 is awesome said:
Doesn't anyone else notice that there are less and less cod fanboys every year?....
The dev's of CoD are... Like on a plane going down, they know that they are about to be over, but they try to do anything to save it. Actually... The plane went down and they are just walking around the wreck for new ideas and kids to sell to.
Default-user Stalin'sGrandson
BF4 is a better game, CoD will just get old as the dev's release over-priced DLC's that include two maps and maybe three guns, CoD just copied BF4, CoD never touched AK12 until Battlefield, CoD didn't have any destruction or levolution until BF4. BF3 is still selling great, and there are new players each month, while Black Ops is maybe five dollars and can't even get a sale at Gamestop. BF games also have a better community without screaming kids that got CoD for their birthday, it has better graphics, and play-style. EA and DICE just have to work some bugs out.
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