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Default-user Spider
Commander Wingnut said:
Free to play isn't good though. The games just aren't good. Paying sucks but you pay for a better game.
F2P can be good. Look at GW2. It's still going strong.
Default-user Spider
Snoughalopolous said:
The Wii U is getting snubbed!
Well, yeah. It's pretty sad.
Default-user Spider
The Wii U is basically dead to devs.
Default-user Spider
Local Hag said:
That's the avg price for them right?
Uhhhhh I think?
Default-user Spider
loveless said:
How will I not spend an ungodly amount of money tomorrow??
You like money until shit goes on sale.
Default-user Spider
They waited 20 years to bring Wasteland 2 out, that's kinda crazy if you think about it. Grats to Fargo
Default-user Spider
Dude, I'm glad god delays and upgrades games XD
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