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sonofzeus commented on Halo: Combat Evolved screenshots from The Master Chief Collection:
What?? Are you kidding me?? I thought CE was supposed to be based on the Anniversary addition on the 360 with the upgraded visuals. That doesn't look like the Anniversary addition to me. No buy if I'm just getting the original CE at 1080p... I've had that for YEARS on my PC.
23 days ago
sonofzeus commented on Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Video Review:
The site looks great. Unfortunately the autostart videos are a big problem for people tethering to phone connections that don't have unlimited data.
23 days ago
sonofzeus commented on Halo franchise director: 'Master Chief is the main character' of Halo 5:
It would be like playing Metroid without Samus. We all know how it went with the other games where MC sat out. Reach was decent I guess.
23 days ago
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