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Default-user SonicRacingDude80
Got in the beta two days ago. I have to agree, I thought overcoming castles would be a breeze but damn, I always seem to either get crushed by the boss monsters, or run out of time to get the three stars at the end.
Default-user SonicRacingDude80
TwoTonTesla said:
So... is this going to be Heavy Rain esque?
like a glove my friend, like a glove
Default-user SonicRacingDude80
YourBigDaddy said:
I want everything and anything about this game, I hope there is a new trailer.
My big daddy likes cake
Default-user SonicRacingDude80
Jake Gylenhall, just dropped a deuce on everybody!
Default-user SonicRacingDude80
I guess the season pass buyers are getting their money's worth?
Default-user SonicRacingDude80
Caitdyn said:
Although I see where they are coming from, I really think its debatable whether PETA should be wasting their time speaking out against animal...
Yeah, taking the time to comment on FAKE animals being abused in virtual environments seems like a waste of time.
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