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The console look like a box. Its living up to its name! It also looks like a DVR. Sad. The controller does not look like it has over 40 improvements. Just straight up lies. And the ps4 can pretty much do everything the Xbox does plus more. Oh and yeah the PlayStation will be using around 7 gigs of ram for games while the Xbox around almost 4 gigs of slower ram. I think we all know which console is going to hit its dead end. And fast. PlayStation is finally going to be back on top again and I can't wait to buy it! Not to mention but nearly everybody I know is switching over to PlayStation. Nuff said
Default-user somebody me
Not only is Sony supporting indie games and 3rd party developers (which is what anybody who has a brain, that likes games, would want), the PlayStation 4 is more powerful in many ways even though Microsoft hasn't revealed all the specs yet. And if I recall, there was no power button on the Xbox whatever. So if your so needed kinect breaks, you need to go and buy a new one for your Xbox to even function. Sorry but PlayStation IS the way to go.
Default-user somebody me
How would find out if everybody has a PlayStation 4? That you would most likely be able to stand up without any problems at all? :)
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