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These updates rockstar came out with are absolutely pathetic. I mean are you guys just trying to make the game suck because you've just about hit the mark. I'm glad rockstar fixed some of the major things like the bad sport penalty but some of the other ones they fixed are Absolutely stupid. I personally think u taking away the duplicating car "trick" is pathetic, I mean I understand why because people could just keep duping it an selling it right. But your not making that much money seeing how u can only sell a car every 48 min. The reason why I'm pist about this is because after the update rockstar took 3 cars of mine, 2 are impossible to find you can't find them driving around and the other one for me is hard as hell to find. So for this reason and all the other reasons that I could go on and on about (but I'm not) is why the game is so garbage right now for me. It's to much for me to explain, rockstar needs to learn how to test a game before they reveille it because the best selling game has had the worst online experience ever. An 1 more thing if rockstar decides to start charging money for each pack( which I think they're going to) this games going right back to the store I got it from or down the sewer so no one else can buy this garbage. I mean I love the game it self I've played every gta game, but this is not call of duty I am not wasting my money on your guys packs. I'll bring this game right back an get COD Ghost
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