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"I got early access to The Sims 4 Create a Sim Demo and recreated myself from my wedding day" Be still my beating heart,... Oh please, quit with the heart bleed titles. "Today, I received a nice surprise from EA and Maxis" When's the last time EA ever been Genuine? This is just a PR ploy. Andrew Wilson the CEO of EA would step on the homeless to make a dollar. Is there no low EA won't go for PR Damage control? EA are just using this Demo to distract people from the real issue. They are lying through their teeth about what they are doing with The Sims 4 have been caught out and now giving this demo to select people so others turn there eyes to run like dogs for crumbs at the end of the table to see what it's like. You are all getting played like suckers and dancing to EA's tune. There comes a point when you buy into this that I no longer have sympathy but say it's your fault and not EA's when you keep running back to the fire.
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