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Jack Thompson said:
Call of Duty had EVERYHING to do with what this guy did. Finally, the massacre pigeons are coming home to roost in the board rooms of the video...
troooololololol but no I think he's serious. Sounds like the Pat Robertson of misdirected rage. I will say tho, I DO love a good read.
Sgtgrumbles sgtGrumbles
Chris Jarvina said:
I'm sorry, but where's the news? How many times is this article going to be written? You wrote it like your viewpoint is something that's never...
I think the key there is lobbies -- video games don't line pockets, so they don't get the kind of public defense that could redress the balance of the public conversation. I don't think the point here is to launch the conversation in new directions -- as you say, it's all well-trodden ground. Rather, VG journalism is at a bit of an impasse where all they (we) can do is point at the ugly conversation over and over while yelling, "THIS IS UGLY," with the hopes that more and more people will jump on board with each rehashing of the obvious. So while you've read a hundred articles on the subject, and so have I, and our opinions may be set in stone... every little bit helps turn the course of public conversation. Also, the more you dismiss the negative impact of blame-throwing, fear-mongering trash news as "not news," the easier it is for major outlets to run that kind of garbage without recourse.
Sgtgrumbles sgtGrumbles
Solid interview! May have to pick up dat book...
Sgtgrumbles sgtGrumbles
Francois said:
Micro transactions can be the downfall of a game..."If* it means selling items that give players benefits over other...this is called Pay to win...
Agreed on all fronts. Though the issue definitely gets murkier when you're rebooting an age-old IP that's stagnated a bit lately. IMO Squenix's best move would be open/free beta + 1 year reduced subscription fee for people who are in the beta and pre-order. Slow roll and all that.
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Deathbyfuture said:
F2P How fucking selfish .... Everyone who hops MMOS and like them for 2-3 months can kiss my ass. I want a game I can stick with for a few years,...
reading... reading... "If you're a hardcore gamer." Stopped reading.
Sgtgrumbles sgtGrumbles
Oooh! Love this kind of look-in at a game. Almost wish this type of feature would supplant reviews entirely, but I suppose you have to play a game a couple times to get this kind of insight. For my part, I played for about 2 hours, and then gave up for exactly the reasons above -- too much trial/error in the stealth, and I'm a gigantic, anal-retentive perfectionist... but hey, if you say there's fun to be had in a more violent style, gamerscore be damned, I'll jump back in!
Sgtgrumbles sgtGrumbles
Man, Sony are really doing a great job of pushing and supporting the PS4 right now... just hoping we get a little more variety from the launch titles than shoot/drive/sports.
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hoooo boy this is gonna require some serious moderation...
Sgtgrumbles sgtGrumbles
Awesome. Double awesome. Sounds like they're pulling in a little F-Zero and a little Diddy Kong for this one, and I can't say that sounds like anything but a great plan.
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