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Default-user Selkie
Wi Tu Lo said:
This game is looking better and better. Cannot wait to see the creepy videos people make in it.
Like those DayZ Videos? Those are so funny.
Default-user Selkie
PolarIon said:
He's not that bad.
(He is that bad)
Default-user Selkie
PepeFishSticks said:
Better blu-ray and improved wireless? I'm in. Also, the lack of me having to turn on the console after an update appeases my laziness. Carry on.
Mmm yes, turning the console on again required far too much effort.
Default-user Selkie
I think I'm going to get this game. For sure..
Default-user Selkie
Can you imagine how much raging the guy that lost the final match did? OMFG LAG. MY CONTROLLER IS A POS.
Default-user Selkie
loveless said:
Per the usual. Japan frequently gets exclusives, is it because most companies are homed there?
First the exclusive 3DS' now this? :( I should just move there for the games
Default-user Selkie
Airstrike stomp looks like an amazing super power. Unfortunately after I beat this game I didn't feel the urge to play it all or buy DLC. It was a really good game tho
Default-user Selkie
Will it be shitty games I'll never ever use or download?
Default-user Selkie
Nose fur at u said:
Some images make it look really good, others make it look really cartoony and...old? I'm really interested in how Next will progress.
Dude yes. Some of these screens look like they are from an outdated game but then he goes and shows stuff that looks new! SO CONFLICTING
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