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Default-user SeafoamGreen
So like, the DLC is more bosses or what?
Default-user SeafoamGreen
They want this to be as addicting as the Sims don't they? Add building your own house and it has no choice other than to be extremely addicting.
Default-user SeafoamGreen
FatalHeart999 said:
Its so good! I don't think we need a success trailer but hey. I guess I'll take it
Let the revel in their success will you?!
Default-user SeafoamGreen
PS3ftw said:
I cant wait until more games are added to PS Now!!
How about "I can't wait till it's done being in beta!"
Default-user SeafoamGreen
Ashe said:
Is Fatal Frame on PS Now? How old of games are they streaming??
Well its still in beta you know? They cant put everything up.
Default-user SeafoamGreen
That sun looks like it's judging me. I want this hoodie though.
Default-user SeafoamGreen
agencree said:
Swinging from building to building is the best feature.
That's what made the N64 Spiderman game awesome.
Default-user SeafoamGreen
Do you know how awesome it is to see Bravely Default up there? It's only on one console, the rest are on multiple platforms.
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