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Default-user Sea Cow
I have one! I'm one of 7 mill....and I hope they bring more games...
Default-user Sea Cow
demonlilly said:
So it's almost good. Could be better but it's missing something. Maybe I'll buy it after the inevitable price drop
It's already 30, how low can it go?
Default-user Sea Cow
I might try it out...I love SimCity. (Well the old ones)
Default-user Sea Cow
Malooka said:
This won't bring me back. I WANT BIGGER PLOTS.
Bigger plots would be amazing!
Default-user Sea Cow
I have really high hopes for this game.
Default-user Sea Cow
PS3ftw said:
YAYYYY Sony! GET IT! Superior console!
Default-user Sea Cow
Tissue and bone said:
I want to know how many Xbox One's sold..
Xbox One could be selling better than you think you know. They've both been sold out almost everywhere
Default-user Sea Cow
Kinicky said:
If the fee was lowered to 10 I think I'd go back to wow, right now I don't see anything worth going back to.
I mean MoP wasn't that bad, just hard to keep up with dailies.
Default-user Sea Cow
They are ruining the glory that is Kong.
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