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Default-user ScorpionXX2
Well easier for development is better...devs have had a harder time trying to get stuff onto certain consoles its time that they get on there easier
Default-user ScorpionXX2
Or maybe they realize that something broke...
Default-user ScorpionXX2
I pretty much only focus on the more traditional pokemon games. I've never really looked at these. I guess I should?
Default-user ScorpionXX2
Dramamine said:
What if it's not The Walking Dead? What if it's another game?
Lol that would be funny...that would mean this guy is totally wrong.
Default-user ScorpionXX2
It's interesting when established people take to kickstarter. I like seeing the little guys there...
Default-user ScorpionXX2
Einhorn said:
This game looks REALLY cool.
Are you sure about that? Kinda looks boring.
Default-user ScorpionXX2
I wish I got into this beta. MMO's have to experienced first hand before you know you're into it or not.
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