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Default-user SandMojo
We've had Prince of Persia games on the PSP and Nintendo DS. I certainly hope that Ubisoft won't ignore the PS Vita when they release a new Prince of Persia title. I'd love to have Prince of Persia on the PS Vita and I sure do hope that it'll be a direct sequel to the excellent 2008 Prince of Persia video game. Hopefully, it'll let you do instead of Elika saving the player from death all the time. The 2008 Prince of Persia reboot is really awesome and colorful but I just didn't like the "can't die" aspect of the game. I also hope a new Beyond Good or Evil game will be on the PS Vita too!
Default-user SandMojo
The major problem that I had with Sony's PlayStation conference is that they did not focus enough on the PS Vita. It was all PS4 this and PS4 that with no real concern for the PS Vita.
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