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Absolutely THQ should continue the Darksiders franchise and absolutely we want to see Darksiders III. Just because the second one didn't perform well doesn't mean that the third one wouldn't. Many people were a bit upset with the second one because the game had lots of bugs and it was not as polished as the first Darksiders. I own both Darksiders & Darksiders II in PlayStation 3, I was a little disappointed with Darksiders II compared to the first Darksiders. The second one had lots of bugs and was not as polished as the first one. I am sure many gamers were upset about this too. If THQ take this into account and try not to make the same mistake in Darksiders III then I am certain that Darksiders III will perform better. It would be really foolish for THQ to stop this fantastic franchise. This franchise has a lot of potential to improve and stopping it now just because the second one is not selling well as expected would undoubtedly be foolish for THQ.
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