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*i played through fable 2 once and was disapointed
Default-user s1991smith
f*** fable 2 nd 3. they were on a complete and utter winner with fable 1. fable 2 and 3 just dissapointed me more and more and lost the feel of the original game and the connective feel with the gamer. they made an absolutely savage game in fable one the time they set it was so perfect bows, swords, magic. castle vibes, little villages and a hero's guild couldnt help but make u feel like u had a purpose in the game. the chunky feel to the amour was a huge element of fable 1 feeling like a beast goin round. and they took away amour in the following games???? i felt like a little posh boy throughout the fable 2 and 3 not a fearless awe inspiring, fear invoking, magical, heroic, f***ing legend in a completely perfect setting to compliment it. as i said befor f*** fable 2 and 3. i must have re played fable 1 20 times over i played through fable 1 once and was disapointed. i played fable 3 hoping they went back to basics and didnt even bother to finish it. i felt like my 5 year old cousin should be playing it instead. MAKE A SEQUEL TO FABLE 1 THE LOST CHAPTERS AND PICK UP WHERE YOU LEFT OFF WITH IT THERE ARE SO MANY OPTIONS FOR ACTUAL GOOD STORYLINES!!!
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