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if you ask me, to respond to a hostile action from the "other" company is not the same as hearing or better listening to what we, in the end the ones that are receiving and purchasing the final product has to say, this is a poor substitute and might be well considered an insult, if what they did was what they considered the right move, then stick to it, now they are just being coherced by their own poor choices, yes they listened and yes they acted, when they saw that not doing so will cost them all, i am a proud owner of a 360, and ps3 as well, so being said, ps4 paid attention, listened and acted accordingly, xobox one, came late and acted as an opportunist, so for me no more xbox one thankyou so much, ps4 preordered, xbox one preorder cancelled, enjoy your new xbox Microsoft. you very well deserve to keep as many as you can.
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