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Amen! Amen! Amen! I have been thinking these exact thoughts for the last year. The problem with upgrading is that these consoles are just now hitting their stride. It takes developers awhile to figure out the ins and outs of these systems to get the most out of them. So right now we're just beginning to see what a PS3 or X360 is capable of. I remember that the best looking PS2 game was God of War 2, which came out at the very end of that console's life. So why does starting over suddenly mean that game developers are going to create amazing new games? They're not. But they are going to complain about how they now have to learn to code for a new system with a new architecture. There will be compatibility problems with the previous generation. And then we the customers are going to be paying more for games because it's expensive to create AAA games with even better graphics than before. I for one am perfectly happy with the current generation. The systems are affordable and there is a huge library of games. Sony and Microsoft would be better served to put some of their development money back into their current generation.
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