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If you think a grand finale in ME3 then or we are out of this world play us players or Bioware has done the biggest bullshit of the century. Nice game ME3, especially DLC beautiful Citadel, for charity, but a final chock full of bugs and inconsistencies. The worst of it came out of the final scene of the ascension to the Citadel after the beam hits Harbinger Shepard ... I find myself with a different armor, a gun that I did not have unlimited ammo ... and the Major Coates who died before my eyes only to reappear in the final images if you then choose Control or Sinthesis ... with a unique way, Anderson says that despite the console already arrived after me ... I open the arms of the Citadel to let the crucible, enters the arms and I find him strangely connected behind the ass of the Citadel where before there was a ray of ascension ... Bioware says that the story ends with Shepard in ME3, but if I choose Destroy finally wakes up from the rubble of London .. . Bioware and says that at the end of the baby everyone wants another story about Shepard and Stargazer satisfies him?? Bioware has built a trilogy masterpiece but it has shit on him, first with the final single, unworthy of the commander, thwarting the efforts and battles fought with Me and Me2, then worsened even more things with the triple end .. I do not know what they hope to achieve by excluding Shepard (unless you think back view of the results Destroy), but if these are their plans for after ME3, lost a buyer for the future.
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