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I'm seeing Microsoft and Sony following the Apple method of product announcements, by doing it at a company hosted event, press conference style. As for the estimated announcement date? I say March, for possibly both consoles. This seems to be the leading buzz right now. The rumor mill is starting to lose some of its static noise, and in turn, the real info is starting to whiz like a 140mm nexgen game console exhaust fan. That leaves us with E3 and release date. Microsoft will more than likely utilize E3 to focus consumer attention on games, Kinect 2.0, and yes, IllumiRoom. As long as they keep true to the former in that list I think they'll control the show. Also, let us not forget that they could even save a redesigned super control pad with touchscreen capabilities for E3 as well. Sony however, is harder to read for their upcoming 4th iteration of its Playstation product line. What that plan may be doesn't seem to be garnering the amount of excitement or intrigue as the XBOX 720/Infinty/Durango/3. One things for sure, they need a new controller and preferably not shaped like a boomerang. Release date prediction? I'm going for mid September to mid October for the XBOX 720 and at least a month earlier for the PS4. Sony cannot afford to to lose back to back console wars. Seemingly, this day and age, the 1st out of the gate with a TRULY nexgen system, (I'm looking at you Wii 1.5 err, U) and a strong balanced game library, will rule the cash lined roost. All in all, we as gamers win. Anytime you have 3 companies competing for an industry that generates more revenue than Hollywood films,You will find gamephiles relishing in the spoils of the nexgen console war.
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