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FatalHeart999 said:
It's coming! I know it. They'll be rereleasing the first 2 on Steam then the rest!
Yeah right. Can't count on MS for doing anything that will make gamers happy. They'll team up with EA and put it on Origin lol
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$10 says this game is shit. :)
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Why can't I digitally rent games thru an app on m console? they take the game away when you connect to the web again or something. Like itunes.
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Preload and play right away, that's how I like it.
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crags said:
Looks like its gonna be reallllly good.
Yeah we already know it's good ;)
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Wonder what pushed him over the edge to leave...
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Taco said:
Do you think we will have an option to prestige...?
Probably I mean if they aren't showing off their high levels then it must be somewhere in the middle right? What do you do once you hit a high level - do it all again for bigger rewards.
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Hypnotic Perspective said:
I'm not ready! I need to go out and buy things to keep me alive during the beta. Things like food and water! I hope I get picked...
I think everyone wants to get picked (if they registered for the beta).
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