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Default-user Rai TheNoblesse
.. why is there no "edit" button? -.-' *edit: if it were X1 exclusive, I'd understand somehow... but like this (comming to the 360 & PC) not at all I also agree with buttonmasher.. Tianfall was "not ment be build on the X1"..., and the 360 version might not even look much worse than the X1 (when looking at AC4 and MGSV...), and with "fast paced" shooters, details are a minor factor... (the speed and framerate are more important...., if the 360 has a good framerate, then there is no need for an X1...) and the franchise will very, very likely not stay MS exclusiv either... (Sony already made regards, that the franchise will hit the PS4 at some point...)
Default-user Rai TheNoblesse
but you could play it on the PC or 360??.. and till Halo 5 come out, there is no other game I'd get on the X1 (all muliports will be better, smother, nicer ect. on the PS4... and in the meantime, the PS4 has more interessting exclusives, with InfamousSS, Deep Down and The Order 1886 comming in 2014...) and even Halo 5 has to prove, that it's gameplay wont feel outdated compared to Titanfall, Evlove and Destiny.... I agree with Meniacleman, it was a mistake getting the X1 for Titanfall... (if it were X1 exclusive, I'd understand somehow... but like not at all...) getting Titanfall on the 360, already have a PS4 (and Wii U)... and will wait till Halo 5, and see how it lives up to the hypes after Evolve, Destiny and Titanfall..., than rethink maybe getting an X1...
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